How to effectively remove rust from your garage door

Rust is probably your worst enemy when it comes to dealing with your steel garage door whether you are in places like Sedona or Tampa. As time goes by, your garage door would start to appear rustic orange in color. Over time, this rust would eat and weaken your steel as rust would slowly degrade your material.

There are different options to remove this rust from your steel garage door. They are easy to follow and guarantee you efficiency and effective ways to prevent rust from weakening your door. Here are some of these methods:


-This is easier and cheaper as you only have to worry certain spots of your garage door with rust. It does not involve worrying about the whole door. Except of course if rust already eat your whole garage door. So what are the things you need?

  1. Rust-resistant paint
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Cloth
  4. Warm water
  5. White vinegar
  6. Steel wool
  7. Palm sander
  8. Dishwashing liquid

First, clean the rusted spot with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Then let it dry for a few minutes. Then soak the spot with vinegar and let the liquid dissolve the rust. The vinegar would react to the rust. Repeat the process until the metal is already clean. Use the steel wool to further remove the rust on the spot. You may also use sand paper. When you notice that you have eliminated the rust, repaint the material.


-This can of course consume more time and more money. However, this method assure more satisfying result. So what are the things you will need?

  1. Paint Bucket
  2. Painter’s tape
  3. Drop cloths
  4. Cloth or sponge
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Water hose
  7. Masking paper
  8. Paint sprayer
  9. Putty knife
  10. Warm water

-using the sandpaper, scrape away the flakes of rust on your garage door. Make sure to use different types of sandpaper so you will be able to reach corners and holes of the door. Sand the entire door to smoothen its surfaces. This part requires your patience and effort as rust would be too hard to remove at this stage. You may choose to use warm water to soften the flakes of rust and be easy for you to remove. Once smoothen, mix the paint mixture and prepare it to use. When you are ready to paint your door, make sure to use primer first. Primer or base coat paintings are important as they can help the paint last long. They also serve as protection for your doors especially if you don’t want rust to damage your door. When you are done using primer, let it dry. Apply the paint and be generous in applying. Make sure that you cover all the surface. After putting the paint, double coat it with spray paint. The spray paint would also act as painters for surfaces that you cannot reach. After the paint coat and the spray paint dried, apply a top coat that will protect your newly-painted door.

Ways to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at home

Cleaning your home is tiring and for busy people, this is another difficult job for them. But do you know that there are life hacks that would help you maintain a cleaner home. Here are some of them:

  • Do not leave buckets with water. This would be a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Regularly clean walls and ceiling to avoid spider webs from forming.
  • The blades of your electric fan needs regular cleaning.
  • Do not forget to dust your carpets and change them every month.
  • Change your sofa covers and cushions.
  • Always clean the dust coating from your furniture.
  • Avoid eating in sofa and cushions so food crumbles would not be left unattended.
  • Make sure to let sun rays enter your home. Sun light can naturally clean germs and bacteria.
  • Change the water on your fish bowl and flower vases regularly.
  • Sweep or mop the floor every hour to avoid accumulation of dirt.
  • Make sure to clean your home regularly especially if you have pets.
  • Be mindful if you have children at home,. They tend to be messier so always look after their mess.
  • Change the curtains regularly because they tend to be in contact with the pollution outside your home.
  • Do not keep your food open. Always put covers on them to avoid food contamination.
  • To avoid having a clogged bathroom or sink, always check on your drainage.
  • Repair leaked pipes and taps.
  • Always wash the plates every after meal. Do not just leave them in your sink.
  • Clean everything greasy with soap and disinfectant.
  • Make sure that your kitchen counter would be properly organized. Put your kitchen tools back in their places every after use.
  • Make sure to have a proper ventilation in your kitchen.